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Document Checklist

What documents do you need to prepare for your new mortgage or refinancing?

Veteran Mortgage PreparationIt depends on your current financial situation. If you are self-employed, on a fixed income, or working a steady job, then you will need to provide different documents in order to confirm your financial ability to pay your loan.

You may need documents as well that can help us determine your eligibility in the VA loans program. Don’t worry, our experts will discuss exactly what is required from you, so this list is just to help you get started.

Need help understanding what documents are required of you? We are here for you!

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Common Document Types

W2 Income:

  1. Last 2 pay stubs
  2. Last 2 years W2’s

1099 or Self Employed Income:

  1. Last 2 years tax returns (business and personal) – all pages
  2. Last 2 years 1099’s
  3. Profit and loss statement for current year

Fixed Income:

  1. Most recent award letter for social security
  2. Most recent statement for Pension
  3. Most recent bank statement validating receipt of income
  4. Last 2 years 1099’s and tax returns, all pages
  5. Disabled Veterans: most recent award letter, Certificate of Eligibility or DD-214

Other documents needed:

  1. 2 Most recent bank statements, all pages
  2. Most recent quarterly statement for IRA, 401K, or any non- bank account you wish to use to source funds for closing.
  3. Copy of driver’s license and social security card
  4. Real estate owned: Copy of most recent mortgage statement, tax bill, monthly HOA (if applicable) and homeowners insurance policy.
  5. Copy of any leases you have on real estate owned
  6. Divorce Decree if applicable, all pages
  7. Bankruptcy discharge paperwork if applicable, all pages
  8. REFINANCE – copy of the NOTE, Owner’s Title Policy and Survey from original purchase

Call Fast VA Home Loans today at (912) 216-1844 your Free Consultation!